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CrossFit Class Schedule

Open Gym daily from 10 am-1 pm

What is Open Gym? This is time where members can use the gym for their personal use (to do the WOD, Strength Training, work on skills, etc). Open gym time is not led by a coach, but there will be someone on-site for supervision.

CrossFit Classes -constantly varied , functional movements, done at high intensity. The workouts are modified to each athlete’s level of fitness and performed at the highest intensity that the individual can sustain with good form and proper technique.

Perfecting Barbell Basics-this class is designed to help athletes perfect the basics of olympic weight lifting. We will break down the technique of the lifts and then work on increasing our strength with the lift.

Kid’s Corner-supervised kid’s play and an opportunity for kids to learn CrossFit movements. This is a great option for parents who bring their kids to the gym with them.

6 AM class, by appointment only. Call or text Roberto at 720-231-7834

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