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CrossFit Class Schedule

Open Gym daily from 10 am-1 pm

Open Gym-members can use the gym for their personal use (to do the WOD, Strength Training, work on skills, etc) during this time. Open gym is not led by a coach, but there will be someone on-site for supervision.

CrossFit Classes -this is the workout of the day (WOD). The WOD is posted on the website by 11 pm the night before.

Barbell Basics-this class is designed to help athletes perfect the basics of olympic weight lifting. We will break down the technique of the lifts and then work on increasing our strength with the lift.

Strength-this class will focus on building strength with the back squat, deadlift, bench press, and strict press. Building strength in these areas directly translates into building strength in the Olympic lifts and advanced movements such as the handstand pushup.

 Monday              Class Type                   Coach
 6AM-7AM     CrossFit        Analisa
 9AM-10AM    CrossFit        Roberto
 12PM-1PM    CrossFit        Roberto
 4PM-5PM     CrossFit        Roberto
 5PM-6PM     CrossFit        Roberto
 5PM-6PM     Strength        Anthony
 6PM-7PM     CrossFit        Anthony
 7PM-8PM     CrossFit        Roberto
 6AM-7PM    CrossFit         Analisa
 8AM-9AM    CrossFit         Roberto
 9AM-10AM   CrossFit         Roberto
 12PM-1PM   CrossFit         Roberto
 4PM-5PM    CrossFit         Roberto
 5PM-6PM    CrossFit         Roberto
 6PM-7PM    CrossFit         Shaira
 7PM-8PM    CrossFit         Shaira
 6AM-7AM    CrossFit        Roberto
 9AM-10AM   CrossFit        Roberto
 12PM-1PM   CrossFit        Roberto
 4PM-5PM    CrossFit        Roberto
 5PM-6PM    CrossFit        Roberto
 6PM-7PM    CrossFit        Shaira
 7PM-8PM    CrossFit        Shaira
 6AM-7PM    CrossFit        Stephanie
 8AM-9AM    CrossFit        Roberto
 9AM-10AM   CrossFit        Roberto
 12PM-1PM   CrossFit        Roberto
 4PM-5PM    CrossFit        Roberto
 5PM-6PM    CrossFit        Roberto
 5PM-6PM    Strength        Anthony
 6PM-7PM    CrossFit        Anthony
 7PM-8PM    CrossFit        Roberto
 6AM-7PM    CrossFit       Stephanie
 8AM-9AM    CrossFit       Roberto
 9AM-10AM   CrossFit       Roberto
 12PM-1PM   CrossFit       Roberto
 4PM-5PM    CrossFit       Roberto
 5PM-6PM    CrossFit       Roberto
 6PM-7PM    CrossFit       Roberto
 7PM-8PM    CrossFit       Roberto
 9AM-10AM   CrossFit        Roberto
 9AM-10AM   Basic Barbell   Jennifer
 10AM-11AM  CrossFit        Roberto
 9AM-10AM   CrossFit (Hero Workouts) Roberto