Schedule 20160731

Open Gym hours are Monday – Friday, 10am – 1pm. Members can use the gym to do the posted workout, their own personal workout program, strength training, practice skills, and mobility work during this time. Open gym is not led by a coach, but there will be someone on-site for supervision.

Introduction (Intro) Class consists of in-depth, step by step instruction for the basic fundamentals of functional movement and Olympic lifting. Intro classes are led by Head Coach Roberto. This class is offered to new members in order to prepare them for the CrossFit classes and set them up for success in their fitness journey.

Maximum Level (Max) Class is designed to take your fitness to the next level. For example, this means that in these workouts weights will be heavier, runs will be longer, and rubber bands will be absent. “Maximum Level” will be programmed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. On those days, we really encourage everyone to do the regular CrossFit workout of the day as well as the “Maximum Level” to supplement your workout.

Ninja workout is more endurance based and will not include barbell movements or heavy weights. This workout will programmed on Fridays in addition to the regular CrossFit workout of the day.

Barbell Basics will include technique instruction, warm-up, and practice. The goal of this class is to practice the technique in order to perform Olympic lifts with good, sound technique consistently.

CrossFit Class is led by a coach/trainer. The class consists of a warm-up along with the programmed workout of the day (WOD). The program is diverse and varied each day and will also include mobility work, skills practice, and strenth training. The WOD is posted on the website by 11 pm the night before.